abeMeda for Windows

abeMeda for Windows (formerly known as CDWinder) is the most complete disk cataloger, media database and digital asset manager solution on the Windows platform.
abeMeda quickly helps you organize your data archive and backup of any size, and keeps track of your photos, songs, movies and all the other files and folders - regardless where you left them.

abeMeda quickly catalogs your photos, audio files, or any other media and data files, hard disks, USB sticks, server volumes, DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, and anything that spins.
It delivers a rich and full catalog of all your files and folders, complete with important metadata and thumbnails for photos and videos - so you can stay in control of your data.

Whether as desktop user, or in businesses on any small or large network, abeMeda will quickly locate your files.

You need the best integration and workflow help? Then abeMeda is the solution for you!

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If you use Macintosh: NeoFinder for Macintosh will help you!

Current Version |      abeMeda 7.7.7: new release, feat. linked catalogs, metadata enhancements & much more…
New Platform     |      abeMeda catalogs can also be used on iOS - with NeoFinder to go! Find out more...

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Power   abeMeda is really up to the job, it handles thousands of DVDs, CDs, or hard drives with ease. Millions of files? Terabytes of data? abeMeda deals with it! More...

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Movies! abeMeda creates thumbnails of the most popular video formats, too. Supports all installed DirectShow formats, like AVI, MPG, FLV, MKV and QuickTime for MOV, MP4 or M4V.

Find It!   The best Find options in the field make all competition look pale. Specify exactly what you are looking for to get the best results ever, or simply use the "Find anywhere" option. And by using QuickUpdate you can find in catalogs that also reflect the latest changes on the fly. More...

Workflow   Integrate abeMeda quickly in all workflows you already use. abeMeda lets you catalog right from the Explorer, or copy any file or folder from a catalog or your find results onto your Desktop and more...

Integration   Use abeMeda with special URL-interface, or integrate it in batches or scripts by controlling it via the command line, to catalog or update disks automatically

Network   Share your abeMeda catalog database in your network with other users, even with Macs (thanks to our ally neoFinder) ! More...

Import   Import different catalog formats directly into abeMeda for a rapid start: iView, WhereIsIt, Broken Cross Disk Manager and Advanced Disk Catalog (ADC) for Windows export files ! We also offer affordable cross-grade pricing. More...
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Seasoned & Reliable   More than 111,000 people and companies in 100+ countries already use NeoFinder and abeMeda, so can you! Plus, both programs have been around for 22+ years. Just try abeMeda for free, and if you like its abilities, buy your license and keep using your catalogs. More...

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Photos   abeMeda generates beautiful thumbnails from your photos and other images, and displays them properly in either list of icon view. You'll also get all the XMP, IPTC and EXIF meta data, and even GPS geotags for the Geo Photo Management. More...

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Music Get all the meta data out of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF songs, including cover art and lyrics. Catalog audio CDs with CD-TEXT, ISRC, MSN and ASIN as well. Quickly find all your music ! More...

GeoFinder  The unique location based Photo Search - Find photos taken at a place anywhere in the world, export your photos as Google KMZ, and much more. Only abeMeda has the full geotagging support. More...

Help   abeMeda not only comes with an easy step by step introduction and documentation, there are also FAQ, license Q&A, and more available right here, on the abeMeda web site. And if that is not enough, ask our support team!

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International   abeMeda comes in four languages, in one application: English, German, Spanish and French.

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