abeMeda, NeoFinder and Datainer

abeMeda and NeoFinder were always all about making your data storage life easier.

Now we went just another step, and we can help you with storing your actual physical media, too.


End-to-end archiving solutions from abeMeda, NeoFinder and Datainer

The latest versions of abeMeda and NeoFinder – for years one of the most remarkable professional cross-platform media management solutions – now also offer 2D barcode-based catalogue data management and printing.

The markers of cataloged media (hard disks, SSDs, flashcards...) can now be printed as scannable barcodes and plain text on widely available labels applied to the physical media, thus turning piles of anonymous hard disks, etc. into easily browsable media libraries.

Datainer represents the practical “hardware environment”: this modular, expandable storage system provides safe, secure and easy-access storage for virtually all media formats – and it’s barcode compatible: the barcode labels can be scanned through the translucent front flaps.

The icing on the cake for users of the latest version (iOS 1.9) of NeoFinder for iPhone and iPad is the ability to scan barcodes and instantly display the contents of catalogued media: this saves time locating films, images, documents and other data.




How does this work?

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abeMeda now offers a barcode for each catalog; you can grab the barcode from the catalogs’ properties, and print it on a label of your choice, or you can include the barcodes in different export formats. Once you have attached those barcodes to your media and discs, they are thus linked to the catalog data in abeMeda and NeoFinder, and can then be found and their content inspected by scanning the barcode via NeoFinder for iPhone and iPad.

The NeoFinder online Users Guide has even more information about it:

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TIFF (about 50 MB each)